New Community Launch


After over **4 years** we have decided to close “Mayfair County” the FiveM server. We no longer feel that it is something we want to continue working on in it’s current or previous state.

The original idea was to make a FiveM server where everyone and anyone could be included, we feel we achieved our goal since 2017, it’s time to move on.

On 12th November 2021, Mayfair County will close…

Starting 13th November 2021 we will be relaunching as a new community.

We will no longer be an “Anyone can be cop” community, still public although will strive for higher quality roleplay.

All bans from the last 4 years will be removed (with the exception of anyone who was banned for committing a crime) and everyone’s previous history regardless of what you did will not be taken into account.

We will release all the details regarding the new community before the launch date.

We hope you will be part of our new project and will remain part of what many see as a family.

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