IU Guidelines

IU Responsibilities & Guidelines

Table of contents:                  

  • 1.0 | MGN IU Weekly Quota
  • 1.1 | Responsibilities of an IU member
  • 1.2 | How to conduct a review
  • 1.3 | How to conduct an investigation
  • 1.4 | How to properly log a report, investigation or Order 66
  • 1.5 | Levels of punishment

1.0 | MGN IU weekly quota

In the Investigations Unit, we have 2 separate weeks for our quota.

(If you are not a supervisor in any department, you must do double your quotas below)

Week 1: 

2 MCSD Reviews
2 EMS Reviews
2 SCDPS Review

1 SLED Review

Week 2:
2 MCSD Reviews
2 EMS Reviews
2 SCDPS Review

1 MCSD Divisional training or SCDPS Divisional training

1 EMS training
1 Cadet to LEO Training or Deputy Training

{Cycles back to week 1}

1.1 | Responsibilities of an IU member

  • Maintain department standard operating procedures (SOP)

  • Enforce server rules in-game, Discord and Teamspeak

  • Maintain all guidelines e.g; Vehicles, Uniform, etc;

  • Finish week one & two quotas

  • Check the IU drive before handing a punishment to someone

1.2 | How to conduct a review

An MCSD, SCDPS or SLED review should be put in the appropriate channel in the discord.

An example of a review:

Date: Insert the date of the review (DD / MM / YYYY)

Officer/Civilian: The name of the officer (e.g; Jack)

Roleplay Scene: Name of the roleplay scene (e.g; Bank robbery)

Positive Remarks:

– Positives of the scene (e.g; Stayed in character)

Negative Remarks:

– Negatives of the scene (e.g; Broke multiple rules)

Requires retraining/warning/disciplinary action: If the Officer / Civilian requires any disciplinary action (e.g; a Civilian Suspension)

1.3 | How to conduct an investigation

Investigation No: Numbered Investigation (One up from previous)

Investigation On: Name of person under investigation

Reporter: The person reporting (Not always required)

Investigator: Put your name here (e.g; Tucker)

Investigation Status: Open / Closed (Closed when the investigation outcome has been chosen)

— Investigation Reason —

– Reason the Investigation is taking place


— Evidence —

– Insert any evidence which relates to the case here (e.g; Screenshots, Video, Witnessed by IU)


– Statements from Witnesses / Reporters (Not always required)

— Note(s) —

– Anything extra with the investigation

— Investigation Outcome —

– Warning, LEO/Civ/Deputy suspension, LEO/Deputy light duty, Termination, etc.

1.4 | How to properly log a report, investigation or Order 66

It is a REQUIREMENT to log all reports and investigations on the MGN IU Google Drive. This is so we can keep track of all records of members. Failure to do so will end with a consequence.

Contact a IU Supervisor to receive access, once given access follow these steps:

Step 1: Right click next to a file 

Step 2: Click ‘New Folder’ 

Step 3: Name the file with the users name and discord ID

Step 4: Once inside the file right click and click ‘Google Docs’ and click ‘create and share’

Step 5: Paste the review, investigation or Order 66 inside of it.

Step 6: Rename the text document to what type of file it is (e.g; Investigation)

1.5 | Levels of Punishment

Warning – A warning will be their first action of discipline and is the least severe and lightest punishment. These do not change your roleplay in any way. It is a simple warning which is given out if it is either them doing something minor or their first offence.

Light duty – This is the next form of punishment, this should be given to a person(s) if their capability as an Cadet + is poor and they need to either go through their eval or stay on a ride-along with a dedicated Cadet and above

Officer/Civilian Suspension – LEO/Deputy Suspension is to be based off of what’s already in their IU drive, this should consist of at least of a minimum of 3 warnings and 1 LEO/Deputy light duty. This is to be overruled if the situation is serious.

Demotion – Demotion occurs when something major happens to affect your role within the server or you have been given any of the other punishments above too many times. This will move your rank down as many spots as the Investigation Units member decides, but will not end in you being fired.

Termination – Termination is one of the most severe punishments. This is when you are discharged from a department for an array of reasons. Ranging from too many of the above consequences to doing something extremely major such as Major Racism while working and Mass Murder.

This is considered being fired from your department. Note: Abuse of power is an auto TERMINATION from their rank.

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