Community Rules


Discriminatory jokes and hate speech (attacks on an individual or group based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities) is forbidden on all our services. This includes any of the above being said towards or in reference to a member or group.

Harassment, insults and/or bullying towards any member will not be tolerated. This includes cussing at someone in a derogatory manner, continually pursuing another person after you have been asked by them or a member of our staff team to leave them alone or contacting them outside of the scope of our services to attempt to evade our rules.

To be clear, this covers any form of contact such as text chat, voice chat, the posting of images or videos, changing your status (discord, steam or TeamSpeak), changing your username (on any service), posting of any links and any other medium which could be used to discriminate, harass, target or bully anyone in any way.

Any person breaking this rule will be dealt with accordingly by a member of our administration team, see our staff policy for information on how we deal with these issues:

This is defined as an “order 66” ban.

Advertising of any kind, which includes, discord servers, Instagram pages*, twitch pages*, YouTube pages*, steam groups, community websites, or anything that could be used to advertise other communities to others.

*Exceptions may apply.

Twitch/YouTube: Sharing your stream, video or YouTube/Twitch profile is permitted as long as it has no links to any outside community or another source which may lead to another community.

Instagram pages: they must not be affiliated with another community or break our child protection rule.

Other games: you may post links to official game website, for example, The FiveM Forum, Minecraft website, etc…

How to report:

You can report any Underage Policy violation in two ways:

  1. Go to our Support Discord and open an Underage Policy Violation Report.
  2. Email us directly at

Underage Policy:

No one of any age may share any information about a minor (under the age of 18) in any circumstance.

Private information includes the following:

  1. Pictures/videos/gifs/links that can identify the minor.
  2. Address, phone number or social medias* of the minor or of anyone close to the minor that could lead to the minor being identified.
  3. The real name* of the minor.

Any breach to any US or UK (this will depend on the region the offender and/or victim resides) laws regarding contact between minors and adults will be reported to the appropriate regional authorities (please note MGN operates under UK jurisdiction).

In addition, no one should incentivise, force or allow a minor to:

  1. Perform comedic acts for the entertainment of others.
  2. Have a minor do anything outside of the environment of the video game you are playing.
  3. Engage in any inappropriate behaviour in any game or service.
  4. Participate in any event and/or community group that may involve anything explicit.

While Mayfair Gaming Network strives to create a safe environment for all, we cannot police anything that may happen outside of our services, although we encourage anyone with concerns to contact us.

If you see a Child policy violation and fail to report it, you may be treated as a guilty at management’s discretion.

*Exceptions to the above:

  1. We will not police the sharing of social media profiles between the ages of 16+ and 18+.
  2. We will not police the sharing of social media profiles of anyone 13, 14 or 15 years of age who shares it with anyone in that same age group.
  3. While we attempt to make sure no minor is sharing their real name, we do not have the information or resources available to check every username and/or anything anyone might divulge to another member.

Any person breaking this rule will be dealt with accordingly by an adult member of our management team (in the event an adult member of the management team is unavailable at the time of the breach, an adult member of our administration team will take action).

Regular bans:

  • You cannot appeal a ban that is under 6 hours.
  • If your appeal is denied, you cannot reappeal, you must instead open a report if you feel you have been unfairly treated.
  • While making an appeal, you must remain patient for the appropriate role to respond and review the appeal. Any spam, tagging of other roles, or general disrespect in the ticket will result in it being denied.

Order 66 bans:

  • If you were a member of a rogue community, if you appeal within 7 days you will have all your roles restored.
  • If you were an owner of a rogue community, if you appeal within 3 days you will have all your roles restored.
  • If you appeal outside of the periods above, and it is your 1st Order 66, you will not receive back your roles, although may still qualify for year roles and former roles. If it is your 2nd Order 66 or more then you will start as a brand new member from the date of your appeal.
  • If your Order 66 is to do with anything other than a rogue community, only a management member can deal with this.


All support discord requests are dealt with in accordance with our Support Discord Policy as seen here.


TeamSpeak and Discord

This can cover many situations; we have covered the vast majority below:

  1. No spam, this means spamming any text chats or voice chats.
  2. Do not interrupt others when they are playing a game in our dedicated game lounges.
  3. Do not play sound boards unless everyone in your channel is happy with it, although do not join a channel where sound boards were already being played and complain about it.
  4. Use push to talk if your microphone picks up background noise or is of terrible quality.
  5. Allow other members to have their privacy, for example, if they are having a conversation then do not start getting involved if they ask you not to.
  6. If you are in a public channel, take in mind that others can join, and you be inclusive.
  7. Use our support discord when you need help, do not harass administration unless the issue is urgent.
  8. Use categorised text channels for their correct purpose.


Any person breaking this rule will be dealt with accordingly by a member of our administration team, see our staff policy for information on how we deal with these issues:

You must follow the FiveM departments rules/code of conduct at all times when in department relevant voice/text channels or Discords. You can find the rules/code of conduct here


In brief, do not interrupt RTO or use any department channel on Discord as a general chat.

Explicit pornographic content does not have a place in MGN. This includes videos, gifs, links or still images depicting explicit sexual actions, whether real or illustrated, as well as detailed verbal descriptions of explicit sexual acts.


No Random Deathmatch (RDM) or Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)
Active Cop Baiting (Blatantly breaking laws to get stopped or chased)

Roleplay out vehicle collisions (If you crash into a car do not drive off unharmed)

Do not use automatic weapons as a civilian unless you are a supporter

Do not powergame or metagame while in roleplay

Do not break the New-life rule (if you die you do not remember anything and you must change your PED)

Do not use bulletproof tires

Don’t break character while in the middle of a scene. Anything out of character must be spoken about using the /ooc command

FearRP, value your character’s life. If someone pulls out a weapon, act in game as you would in real life! This includes police

If you wish to talk to other players when in RTO utilise one of the RTO General chats

You must not be deafened while in RTO

Do not use automatic weapons as a law enforcement officer, unless you are a supporter or have the advanced weapons certification

Do not use any department restricted vehicle, unless you are in the respective department and have sufficient ranking

Only take off and land at Airports, Airfields, Helipads (Departmental Policies may override this)

Always fly at a realistic height above the ground
Do not crash, under any circumstances, unless this is an approved scenario by a Senior Admin or higher

Do not abandon a scene (If you die wait for EMS or County Coroner to deal with you)

Do not revive or respawn until the scene is over or medical personnel has treated you

Do not interfere with a roleplay scene.

No Sexual Roleplay

No Prostitution Roleplay 

No Animal Roleplay

No Military/Private Militia Roleplay

No Hitman Roleplay

No Kidnapping of Law Enforcement

Follow your departments (& divisions)  SOPs/Policies at all times

You are required to have your assigned callsign in your

Teamspeak name while on patrol and while your in RTO

No abusing car or weapon glitches.

No mass spawning of vehicles.

Do not leave to avoid punishment

Do not abuse the /report system

Do not Spam in the /ooc, /me, /act, /twt and the /911 system

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