Staff Policy

Staff Policy

Please note when the word “Staff” is used throughout this page, it refers to all administration and department supervisors.

Anything stated on this page supersedes any information that anyone of any role has stated to you.

This is your bible, you live and die by it in this Community. 

Administration Guidelines

Disciplinary action (This applies to TS, Discord and FiveM):

  • The ban duration is at your discretion, take in mind we review the ban logs and if we feel you are being unfair or heavy-handed, you may be striked.
  • FiveM: Use Warn/Kick/Suspend(if a member)/Ban, the ban should be under 30 minutes and increased in duration every time you need to ban the player after that. People with no intent to roleplay, as in they are just ruining everyone else’s time, then just ban for 3 + hours. Anyone caught modding should be banned permanently.
  • TeamSpeak: Use Warn/Kick/Suspend/Ban, the ban should be under 30 minutes and increased in duration every time you need to ban the player after that.
  • Discord: Use Warn/Mute/Mute in days/Kick/Ban, the ban should be under 30 minutes and increased in duration every time you need to ban the player after that.
  • All bans, regardless of time, should be logged in the relevant ban log on the staff Discord.
  • If any random / member disrespects you whilst you are talking to them, instantly kick the person (or mute them if on Discord), regardless of whether you have warned them yet or not.
  • No administration member should ever kick another administration member of the same role or higher. Supervisors who are not administration should be treated like any other player.
  • All staff must remain professional while in-game dealing with reports
  • Administrations are required to inform the rest of the admins (/achat) when they take a report.


  • Mod: Is separate for each service (Discord, TeamSpeak and FiveM), having all three does not get you promoted to Admin. They administrate the service they are hired into.
  • Admin: These administrate mods and all MGN services. In addition, they help with tickets on our support server.
  • Admin Supervisors: Each of the three supervisors run and hire for each of our services (Discord, TeamSpeak and FiveM).
  • Middle Management: Runs the administration team as a whole.
  • Management: They run the community.


IA deal with all community reports that are made on the Support Discord


  1. IA:
    1. Must follow the Administration guidelines, you are assumed to be an Admin.
    2. Reports are assigned to you by the IA Lead
    3. You must deal with a report as quickly and fairly as possible.
    4. You must keep the report investigation updated throughout your time dealing with the report.
    5. You cannot take disciplinary action agaisnt any Admin+ or department 2nd command+, you just investigate and tag the IA lead when done.
    6. If you find that you may be biased in an investigation or are apart of the reported situation, you must inform the IA Lead. He may still decide to keep you on it and check it after it is done.
    7. Regarding any investigation, you answer to the IA Lead and the Founders. If your decision has been affected by another higher role, you must state this in your investigation outcome, this does not mean you should not listen to your superiors, simply state their involvement.
    8. The details and outcome of any report should NOT be shared with anyone. This also means you should never reveal the outcome to the person/s who made the report.
  2. IA Lead:
    1. While investigating Management you must post and update the investigation in the IA Discord group you are in with the Founders, you are to take no action.
    2. While investigating Middle Management you must post and update the investigation in the IA Discord group you are in with the Founders, you may take action, preferably take advice from a management member.


  • IA: They deal with all reports made against any member who is not middle management or management.
  • IA Lead: One trusted individual who runs the team and deals with reports against middle management or management.

Support Discord

Ban Appeals

Can only be accepted or denied by an Admin Supervisor +, you must not deal with your own ban.

Order 66 Appeals

Can only be accepted or denied by an Senior  +, any ban that is not regarding a rogue community must be dealt with by a Management +.

Supporter Support

Must be dealt with by middle management +, if a payment needs to be verified then tag a Founder.

Help and support

Any role can try and deal with any ticket here, if you’re unable to then tag the next role that is higher.

Make a report

Only IA or Founder should respond to these tickets, except to just post the report form link, anyone can do this.

Underage Policy Violation Report

Any 18+ admin + can deal with these, always refer it to the IA lead or an 18+ management asap.

Prime Time

We use Prime Time to monitor staff activity and to ensure everyone does a minimum fair share on the server.

Prime time consists of 3 time zones, you are asked which of these apply to you when you’re hired as staff, these are the following:

  • Prime Time A (UK/EU): 4 PM GMT (or 11 AM EST) to 9 PM GMT (or 4 PM EST).
  • Prime Time B (USA): 8 PM GMT (or 3 PM EST) to 1 AM GMT (or 8 PM EST).
  • Prime Time C (AUS): 1 AM GMT (or 8 PM EST) to 6 AM GMT (or 1 AM EST).

You can book 1 weekday and 1 weekend day (this can be substituted for a weekday if you prefer) each week, this must be submitted on the discord in #prime-time-days-off each Monday. Use the form that is pinned in that channel. If you do not need to change your prime time days off then you do not need to make an additional submission each week, we will just use the same as you had previously.

Failing to complete Prime Time on a day you do not have off will result in a strike.

Staff Strikes:

A strike is a disciplinary action taken against a staff member, if you get 3 strikes before they reset then you will be demoted or you will lose your role/s. Anyone can be given a strike for the below reasons:

Prime Time Strikes reset every 2 weeks, from the first day the new 2-week prime time is in effect. All other strikes expire 1 month after being given.

LOA Policy

LOA guidelines are as follows:

  • If you use an LOA to avoid disciplinary action, you will just lose that position.
  • You must be away from your PC during this period. (an LOA is not to enable you to play other games or to take a break) you cannot be on TeamSpeak, active on discord or ingame during this period.
  • If an LOA is longer than 14 days a management member will review this and approve or deny based on the reason.
  • Always attempt to notify us of the LOA in advance.
Any Admin Supervisor + can accept an LOA.

When to change the AOP area:

1-29 people (Paleto or Sandy)

30-44 people (West Los Santos or Los Santos)

45+ (State-wide or Los Santos)

Former "Administration" & "Supervisor"

You must have held either the relevant staff role for a period of 6 months to qualify.

They are not given to anyone who has lost their role due to disciplinary action.

Only Management can give out these roles.

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